Thursday July 28th

Community Event : Thursday night Walk the Planks Boardwalk Busking and Bar Crawl 7pm-??

Join the crew! as we make waves and invade the world famous Ocean City Boardwalk.. We'll busk, parade, drink, eat and then crawl back to our quarters for a good nights rest!

Friday July 29th

Friday Ballroom Crier Stage

2pm Jolly Shore Leave

Friday Enchantment Stage

3pm Guitarmy Of One
4pm Paulo Garbanzo
6pm Mr.Foot and Friends Toe Jam
7pm River Barry Bubble Magic

Community Event : Friday night Castle in the Sand Coconuts Beach Bar & Grill 7pm-Close

Across the the road from the convention is most fantastic Sand Castle you've ever seen! It's the home to one of the only Beach Bars in Ocean City that still serves on the beach! We suggest you visit and eat and drink throughout the weekend and especially after we close out the event Friday night!

Saturday July 30th

Saturday Roaming Music: Tipsy Kings, Bedlum Bones

Saturday Ballroom Workshops Bay Window Table

12pm Paulo Garbanzo D&D : Build an Adventure Module
2pm Elvin Art WorkShop
3pm Lance Berg Workshop

Saturday Ballroom Crier Stage

12pm Kristoffer Belgica Jazz
1pm Jolly Shore Leave
2pm Pirates on Parade
3pm Bedlum Bones

Saturday Enchantment Stage

12pm Childrens Drum Circle
1pm River Barry Bubble Magic
2pm Guitarmy Of One
3pm Afua Richandson Music
4pm Kristoffer Belgica
5pm Childrens Costume Pageant and Parade

Saturday Performing Arts Center FREE to the public!!

1pm Faerie Music & Dance
2pm Hands On Drums Drum Circle
3pm Faerie Court
4pm Paulo Garbanzo Juggling
5pm Jolly Shore Leave
6pm Brinjal
7pm Frenchy and the Punk
8:30-10:30pm Costume Contest

Sunday June 31st

Sunday Ballroom Workshops Bay Window Table

12pm Paulo Garbanzo D&D : Design NPC's
1pm Elvin Art WorkShop
2pm Marnie Broom Making $100/person 10 people max : register at her booth
Make your own witches broom! Class participants will make their own hand-tied Appalachian broom corn witches' broom. All tools and supplies will be provided and each participant will leave with their own hand-made broom. Broom lore will be discussed along with broom craft and resources. Making a broom by hand requires the ability to pull to maintain tension on the twine and to hold the broom winder with the feet. Broom making can be considered a workout.

Sunday Roaming Music: Tipsy Kings

Sunday Ballroom Crier Stage

12pm Jolly Shore Leave
1pm Kristoffer Belgica Jazz
2pm Jolly Shore Leave
3pm Afua Richandson Music

Sunday Enchantment Stage

1pm Faerie Court
2pm Hands On Drums Drum Circle
3pm Paulo Garbanzo Juggling
4pm Jolly Shore Leave
5pm Guitarmy Of One