Ocean Renaissance 2021

Walk the Plank Fashion Show

With a $1000 top cash prize we're anticipating a wide array of costumed characters to come ready to compete and dressed to impress. Other prizes will include Photography packages, clothing, gift certificates, tickets to future events, and much more..

  • Best in show
  • Mythological (Mermaids, Mermen, Nautical Gods/Goddesses)
  • Historical (Sailors, Captains, Fishermen, Divers)
  • Fictional Characters (From Books, Plays, and Films)
  • Best Themed Group
  • Best In Show Youth
  • Best themed youth group
  • Bizarre Bazaar

    Over 40 artisans and makers collected from all over the country during our many travels will converge to provide some of the most beautiful and unique handmade goods , clothing, accessories, art, and much more...

    Tempest Ball

    Are you brave enough to weather the storm? State of the art lighting, sound and projections will transform the calm seas of the day into the thrashing waves of dancing fury.. Featuring: The John Ferrara and Seth Moutal Duo, A Halo Named Fred, Guitarmy Of One, Brinjal and Eyeclops Everybody Drum!

    Featured Artists

    Real Live Mermaids

    Circus Siren Pod
    The Circus Siren Pod is a group of professional water artists that offer far more than your average mermaid show. Based out of Mid-Atlantic region, Circus Siren Pod members have performed across the country and even internationally. From the beaches of Hawaii, to the Aquariums of New York, to the resorts of Jamaica, they bring a magical show to audiences of all ages.

    Swashbuckling and Privateers

    Pirates, privateers, captains and distant shores will all be on display with some of our Plunderful Pirates a little comedy and some swashbuckling pageantry are all in store!

    Performance Artists

    I know I've been known to have a few Bad Ideas.. However I think having Doug Stafford and crew along for the ride is the kind of recklessness I'm willing to take a chance on.. Juggling, magic, bubbles, and fire.. are just a few of the things we'll see when he takes stage..

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